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An efficient heating system that you can control easily can help reduce your fuel bills

Insulate Your Home

If you want to reduce your carbon emissions and keep your energy bills low, installing insulation or draught-proofing will reduce heat loss.
There are many simple yet effective ways to insulate your home, which can significantly reduce heat loss while lowering your heating bills.

Loft Insulation

You can lose 25% of heat through your roof of an uninsulated home, loft insulation is a great way to reduce this and lower your heating bills


Cavity Insulation

Nearly a third of all heat loss in an uninsulated home escapes through the walls. Save energy and money by insulating your cavity wall.

Underfloor Insulation

Insulation is placed between the joists and supported on netting (e.g. polypropylene) or timber battens.

Picture 1 - Underfloor insulation

Room and Roof

Properly insulating a room or rooms in the roof of your property will make it a much more comfortable space to live in and stop a lot of heat escaping through your roof. 

Internal Wall Insulation 

Internal wall insulation is done by fitting rigid insulation boards to the wall, or by building a stud wall filled in with insulation material such as mineral wool fiber.

internal wall
Picture 1 - Party Wall

Part Wall Insulation

If you live in a terraced or semi-detached house, then you will have at least one wall that you share with a neighbour.

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